August 21, 2011

Deforestation cables

Parking near National Opera House, Bucharest, 2011.


christakis said...

Wow, there's heaps of them. Any idea what they were for? I'm sure they're not planning to leave it there, lots of money there.

Cornel P. said...

In Bucharest municipality began to take off the cables mounted on poles and relocate them underground. I do not know why they gathered all there, but I think it is temporary.

Andrei said...

Hehe, iti dai seama ca daca aveau ceva cupru, dispareau de-a doua zi, le-ar fi luat baietii bronzati ;). Dar asa, fibra optica nu prea intereseaza pe nimeni. Cred ca se face o luna de cand stau trantite p-acolo.